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Are you optimistic or pessimistic about world conditions? It doesn’t matter — because the world is changing for the better.  Yes, “everything that can be shaken will be shaken.” That includes faith, if you have it, and autonomy, if you prefer. No one’s experience is likely to be pleasant but everyone will get the medicine we need.

You may be surprised by the precise information now available. Welcome to It is Near, a podcast that focuses on the why?, when?, and what’s next? of Bible prophecy and advancing secular knowledge. And deep dives into how to live with character and aplomb in the present. It will be refreshing, hopeful, and kind.

Even the bad news

is good news.

It is Near episodes

We are Near! podcast

Victorious Christians are nearing the end of their journey. Never has the fulfillment of their promises been so close; but never have sincere Christians needed more encouragement.

Serious Christians are focused on following Jesus faithfully, until death. The trials are real, but the joys that await “surpass knowledge.” Join a discussion of what to expect,  how we know it is coming soon- and even more importantly — how to “keep Jesus’ words unto the end.

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